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Does Social media also has a negative side ?

Date : 17-Sep-2022


We can't picture life without the internet because we live in a digital age. Every aspect of life is greatly impacted by the internet. People's lives have been changed in a variety of ways, including banking, travel, education, health, and the implementation of government programmes. The internet has eliminated geographical boundaries; no matter where you are, you can instantly connect with someone who is thousands of miles away. Social media has developed into a valuable tool for exchanging ideas and information with the aid of the internet. Social media is now used to influence and control public opinion.



We shall discuss some significant issues that have surfaced recently in the form of data leakage, cyber fraud, silencing the voices in social media, managing the people, etc., but the question arises as to whether it is really as good as it seems. World Wide Web is abbreviated as WWW; the word "web" in this context can be a little misleading. Has a web been created to trap the entire world? A web is formed or put up to trap someone. Observing certain modern innovations makes us wonder whether they were created to aid us or to entrap us in a society where we are unable to exist without their approval. In the straightforward example of banking, where customers deposit money, transactions now require both a mobile phone and an internet connection.



Bank robberies were uncommon in the past, but today you may hear about cyber fraud every day. In the fiscal year 2021–2022, there were 128 crore rupees worth of internet frauds, the RBI reports. In 2016, hackers broke into the Central Bank of Bangladesh; however, despite the system blocking several of their attempts to steal a billion dollar, they still managed to steal 100 million dollars. Governments and financial institutions find it exceedingly challenging to locate the offender because of the size and complexity of the cyber domain. Online money is another topic that raises doubts in people's thoughts because it is just a collection of numbers with no inherent worth that anyone can see, feel, or touch.



In recent years, threats to people's personal life have come from data leaks. Companies are making billions of dollars by manipulating data; it has become thenew gold. Data science and data analytics have caught the attention of not just powerful people but also large corporations. The power of data has enabled businesses like Amazon to expand rapidly without setting up any stores or manufacturing the goods. When others started losing money due to the pandemic, Amazon's earnings increased by 200 percent. Companies are profiting greatly from customer personal data, yet they do not adequately protect it. The company that handles payments for some of the largest e-commerce giants had information on 10 crore debit and credit card users leak to the dark web. It is essential to create a strict data protection regulation in a world where data has become valuable.



A new information revolution has been made possible by social media. Social media has made it possible for people to share their thoughts, feelings, knowledge, and skills with the rest of the globe. Many regular people on social media amassed sizable followings and overnight rose to fame. Social media has also aided in the discovery of the truth, allowing for the widespread dissemination of information on injustices, crimes, violations of human rights, and other issues. Whistleblowers and activists use social media extensively to expose the facts that are important to society. Social media usage done right has inspired and enlightened a lot of people.


Social media also has a negative side. Recent events have shown certain instances of its use to incite rage and hatred in society. In this subcontinent, especially, fake news is constantly being spread, and hate speech and fake news have even taken many lives. The establishment intimidates activists who speak out against the government. The device created to spread the truth has been captured by propagandists and turned into a weapon of hatred. An ex-employee of a major social media company claimed the company undermined democratic norms by failing to take effective action against hate content.



We have talked about a lot of topics that have impacted our life in one way or another. Now that we are entangled in it, we can better comprehend the idea of a web. The internet and its tools are everywhere around us, and because we rely so heavily on them, our lives would be in danger if they stopped working. Our thinking, understanding, and behavior have all been compromised. Although it may not feel like it, we are being programmed to act in accordance with the desires of those who control cyberspace and seek to enslave people. Even governments are powerless to stop them because they also have control over the government.


Author :Asif Khan



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