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Leh Ladakh

Date : 24-Sep-2022

Do you have 10 days for vacation? Are you planning for a trip to Leh Ladakh? Then, I am here to share Leh Ladakh Itinerary for 10 days. This itinerary personally worked out for me and so I would like to share the same with you. But, before we get into the itinerary, you might be wondering why you should visit Leh Ladakh.

Why Visit Leh Ladakh?

 With a wide range of mind-blowing places to explore, Leh Ladakh is a place that everyone should have on his/her bucket list. Ladakh stays vivacious at all times and here are some of the reasons for the same:

  • Hundreds of passengers, vehicles and bikes flank this part of India from across the world
  • The colour-changing lakes
  • Adventurous spots at high-altitude
  • Home for monasteries with prayer flags.
  • Tough screes of the Himalayas
  • Rugged roads

Now, we will start our Leh Ladakh Itinerary for 10 days beginning from Srinagar. During your 10-day trip, you can explore places like Manali, Jispa, Pangong Lake, Nubra Valley and of course, Leh.

Day Zero:

On this day, you will have to start from your home or even before this day. The idea here is to make sure that you reach Srinagar on Day one of your Leh Ladakh Itinerary. If you plan to travel by train to get to Srinagar, you will have a couple of options. You can book your train either to Udhampur Railway Station or Jammu Tawi. These two stations are connected well with varied parts of India.

Day One:

Reach Srinagar:

Once you reach the Jammu Tawi or Udhampur Railway Station from your home station, you can reach Srinagar from these stations with ease. You can take either a taxi or even you can take state government buses to reach Srinagar. Once you reach Srinagar on the first day of your Leh Ladakh itinerary for 10 days, you can spend the remaining part of the day taking rest in your hotel.

Day Two:

Travel to Kargil from Srinagar:On your second day, you will have to reach Kargil from Srinagar. It is better to make sure that you start early in the morning from Srinagar. The reason is that you can capture the vibes of the Indian Army when you travel at this time. It will take around five hours to reach Kargil via NH1. The distance is about 202 km between these two places. When travelling, make sure to capture the unbeatable serenity all through your trip. Even, in the middle of your trip, you can take a rest. After reaching Kargil, you can spend the remaining day in Kargil staying in this place.

Day Three:

Travel to Leh from Kargil:

Again, on the third day, you will have to spend your time travelling. The distance between Kargil and Leh is around 216 km. Even, on this day, you can start early to enjoy a serene ride. It will take around four and half hours of travel on the NH1 road. Again, it will be a serene trip and after reaching Leh, you can spend the rest of the day spending time in your accommodation.

Day Four:

Nubra Valley:

On the fourth day of your Leh Ladakh itinerary for 10 days, you will travel from Leh to Nubra Valley. The distance between these two places is around 160 km. So, it will take around three-and-hour to four hours to travel. When you start early, you can reach Nubra Valley early. Here are certain things you can do in this place:

  • Take a ride on a camel
  • Get a panoramic view of the Panamik Village
  • Make sure to visit the most attractive Hunder Village
  • Cycle in villages around this valley
  • Take Zanskar river rafting
  • For exploring enchanting landscapes, visit Samstanling Monastery
  • Visit the Holy Lake Yarab Tso
  • Make sure to visit the popular Turtuk Old Mosque
  • Take Khardung La Pass Adventure trip
  • Visit the Balti Kitchen to eat Baltistani Dishes

You will be going to spend this night in the Nubra Valley. So, do whatever things listed above as possible during this stay in this valley.

Day Five:

Head back to Leh from Nubra:

Again, start early from Nubra on the fifth day. If you start early, you can reach Leh early. After reaching Leh on the fifth day of your Leh Ladakh itinerary for 10 days, you can head out from your accommodation to get attractive views of Leh. Make sure to wind up things by the evening. On the fifth night, you will stay in Leh.

Day Six:

Head from Leh to Pangong:

Let the sixth day be dedicated to exploring the Pangong Lake. It will take around five hours of travelling. You will be surprised to know that this lake changes its colours all through the day. So, you can capture the attractive colours that keep changing in this lake. Also, this lake holds the pride of being one of the high altitude lakes in India. This night, you can camp amidst the salubrious nature. 

Day Seven:

Get back to Leh from Pangong:

Now, on the seventh day of your Leh Ladakh itinerary for 10 days, you will have to start early from Pangong to reach Leh. Even, you can start late from Pangong after exploring the early morning beauty of the lake spot. The distance from Pangong to Leh is around 222 km. So, it will take around five-and-half hours via Pangong Lake Road. After reaching, based on the time available, you can either spend the rest of the day in your accommodation at Leh or you can explore some shops near your accommodation. After spending some time outdoors at the night, you can get back to your accommodation to take a rest as the next day, you will have to again travel.

Day Eight:

Travel to Jispa from Leh:

You will have to spend most of the 8th day in travelling from Leh to Jispa. Yes, from Leh, it will take around 9 hours to reach Jispa. Of course, after travelling for these many hours, you will have to spend time in Jispa the night in your accommodation. Also, you have the option to camp at night in Jispa.

Day Nine:

Travel from Jispa to Manali:

On your 9th day in the Leh Ladakh itinerary for 10 days, you can travel from Jispa to Manali. The travelling time will be just around two-and-half hours. So, you can start early and after reaching Manali, you can cover as many places as you can in Manali this day. Here are some places you can cover in Manali:

These are just a few important places that you should never miss out on visiting in Manali. You can spend this night in Manali.

Day Ten:

On day 10 of your Leh Ladakh Itinerary for 10 days, you can dedicate the day to preparing to leave your home. Based on the timing of your return train or flight, you can plan your packing and other things. If you have your return flight or train in the night, you can explore some places in Manali if time permits.


This Leh Ladakh itinerary for 10 days will help you plan your trip successfully to the most beautiful spot that you should never miss out on visiting at least once in your lifetime.


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