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Mainpat- A Delightful Tourist Destination

Date : 17-Sep-2022

Chhattisgarh is an amazing tourist destination for those who prefer serene, less crowded vacations. Here you can find beautiful scenery, waterfalls, heritage temples, and ancient monuments. Because rice is abundant here, it is also known as the "Rice Bowl of India." This location has also preserved the rich tribal culture. Here is detailed description of one of the favourite tourist destinations.

Mainpat is a delightful tourist destination surrounded by forests. It has a family of beautiful hill slopes, farms, and waterfalls and is a hill station that, by God's grace, has remained untouched by exploiters. The hill station is located in the Vindhya ranges and is well-known for its Tibetan exile population. The overall setting is lush green, with a lovely dusky sky and a love-filled dawn. You can meet Tibetan families who can tell you about Mainpat's history. Because of the large Tibetan population, Mainpat is also known as "Mini Tibet." and because of what nature has bestowed, it is also known as the Shimla of Chattisgarh.

Mainpat's scenic beauty is like looking at beauty and purifying the mind. Your soul will be satisfied by its quiet beauty. It has living forests with huge branches creaking out, chattering squirrels, rustling of leaves, whistling of wind around trunks, live music from birds, insects humming, and animal rustle.

On the way, you can stop at Tiger Point, which has a beautiful water fall and a water flowing spot with big rocks and huge hills. There are snacks and tea available for refreshment and enjoyment of the view.

On the way to Mainpat one can visit Ghunghutta (Shyam) is a medium irrigation project built across the river Ghunghutta, a tributary of Rehar, on the way to Mainpat. The project is in the Sarguja district of Chhattisgarh, near the village Libra. Ambikapur, the district headquarters, is 14 kilometers away.

Ways to Reach :

By Air: Raipur Airport is the nearest which is 350 Km, It is connected to many major cities via Flight.

 By Rail: From Raigarh, Mainpat is 178 kms away which is a major station and from Ambikapur it is 80 kms away.

 By Road: It is 380 kms by road from Raipur Airport.


The weather in Mainpat is typical of the tropical plains. Summers are hot and humid, with a chance of rain. The opposite is true in the winter, with pleasant and cool days and chilly nights. The monsoon season is also pleasant, with abundant rainfall increasing the region's green cover.


Mainpat was historically mostly jungle and remains one of the country's most forested regions. The Yadavs and native tribes such as Manjhi, Manjhwar, Kanwar, and Pahadi Korwa lived in the village and the forests in previous centuries. Following the Chinese invasion of Tibet in the 1960s, many Tibetan exiles sought refuge here, and they remain an important part of the local population.

Interesting Facts

Mainpat is well-known for its gravity-defying waterfall, Ulta Pani/Bisar Pani, which translates to "upside down water." This is a canal in which the water appears to flow upwards or against gravity. So far, there is no scientific explanation for the phenomenon, which is usually regarded as an illusion. However, this strange natural feature makes the village popular and places the previously unknown village on the tourism map. 

Places to visit in Mainpat

Mainpat has a plethora of places to visit due to its abundance of natural beauty. On your trip, visit these well-known locations: 

Dhakpo Shedupling Monastery: A Gelug monastery that serves as a religious and learning center for Buddhists, this is one of Mainpat's most prominent monasteries. It is also the most visited in the area and houses Tibetan relics and artifacts.

Fish Point is named after the river that flows through it, the Machali Nadi, or Fish River. The river is well-known for its abundance of a specific type of fish. The river flows through rugged hills and joins into an 80-meter-high waterfall, creating a beautiful nature spot with greenery, water, and a serene atmosphere.

Tiger Point Falls: Tiger Point Falls is another scenic waterfall in Mainpat that originates in the Mahadev Muda River and is surrounded by dense forests on all sides. There were once tigers in the forests here, which gave the area its name. At the moment, this waterfall site is a popular picnic, swimming, and hiking destination.

Mercury Falls: The Mercury Falls, one of Mainpat's lesser-visited waterfalls, is the tallest in the village. This site, hidden within hills at a height of 400 feet, requires some serious hiking and may be difficult to reach.

 Bhutahi Jalprapat: This waterfall is one of the most beautiful in Mainpat. The water flows in a zig-zag pattern and appears white and frothy. Because the torrential flow sounds like a scream, it is frequently referred to as "ghostly."

 Best time to visit Mainpat?

The best time to visit this picturesque village is during the winter or monsoon season. These are the only times of year when the weather is suitable for exploring the local nature and engaging in outdoor activities. The post-monsoon season is also ideal for travel, with lush greenery and washed hillsides offering panoramic views.

Author: Dhaneshwar Yadav (MBA,MA,LLB)


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