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Golden Age of Hindu Emperor

Date : 17-Sep-2022


 Hindu, The very famous word nowadays got its origin from the name of river “Sindhu”. Persian found it difficult to pronounce ‘S’ ,called it Hindu. With the Muslim invasion this Persian name returned in the form of Hindustan and those reside here following the old culture and religion came to known as Hindus.Taking into account of Hindus kings, there were several but Gupta period is considered as the Golden age. Dashavtara temple of Deogarh is one of the earliest temple that still survived and has a Panchaytan style architecture. It also served as prototype of Sarvotbhadra temple as illustrated in Vishnudharmottara Purana.



Handmaiden of chief queen, Malavika’s intrigue love story with the king Agnimittara was a masterpiece play created by Kalidas who was a courtpoet of Chandragupta Vikram Aditya .’Zero diya Bharat ne’ due to Aryabhatta who also gave the value of pi and Suryasiddhant ,too among the Navratnas present in the court including Kalidas, Ptolemy, Dhanvantri and  varhamihir. The reminiscence of education were exceptional as the very famous Nalanda University built during this period by Kumar Gupta. Samudragupta playing Veena ,Kumar Gupta enigmatic Apratigraha coin which Altekar define as Kumar leaving for renunciation whereas Raven suggested that young Kumar offered Garuda dhwaj at commencement of his rule ,doubts were obvious as this what makes jigsaw puzzle of history completes and interesting. Before becoming Buddha, Bodhisattva was born as Spetaketu, God of Tashita heaven where God resides. In the heaven ,Spetaketu prepared for the four examinations he would have to go through before he could become buddha. The exams were to take place at definite time, country ,family he would be born for the last time. At last the auspicious time came when he would be borne in the continent of Jambu -India, in the country of Magadha, to queen of Suddhodhana, the head of Sakya clan ,many more such jatakas story were depicted in the murals of Ajanta caves were precedent of Gupta period artistic development. 



GDP is a red hot topic in todays world that defines the economy of the country likewise GDP of Gupta empire of Indian subcontinent constitutes 33.21% of world’s population and generate estimate of $450 PPP per annum (world economy: historical statistic, Angus Maddison) which is strong reason to consider it a golden period and the prevalence of Dinar was proof of it.


As everything would never be perfect on one side Shakti cult were emerged in this era to show the completion of male through female and on other women were having secondary positions and Vedic rituals became hard and pedantic practices increased .Nevertheless strong nation make strong rulers and vice versa and Gupta period have enough of it ,when  rulers were capable of understanding the needs and demands of people the nation will prosper and if not it began to fall .Rise and fall are nature’s way what fall will rise and what rise will fall but what makes this era remarkable is development in almost all aspect and stickiness to their indigenous nature and culture.


 Author: Miss Pooja Sharma 




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